• Outdoors is where I feel most at home. Growing up on a farm in South Australia we were surrounded by vast horizons, big skies, many animals and all the elements nature would throw at you.

    Until recently my art practise has taken a back seat to my family and their busy lives but threaded throughout all of this time creativity has always been simmering below the surface.

    As a largely self taught artist I’ve explored different styles and mediums, attending Heatherley’s School of Art, short courses at St Martin’s Central School of Art, West Dean College and taken advice, tutoring and inspiration from artist practitioners. My body of work includes digital design, works on paper and metal sculpture.

  • My works on paper are primarily in charcoal and mixed media. My current work with metal sculpture is inspired by the natural world especially my garden. I find the physicality of working with metal and its various tools exhilarating and fun and the challenge of interpreting the delicacy of natural forms shapes and textures into metal forms infinitely satisfying.

    A lifelong love of art is now realising itself and I feel I have finally found the mediums and environment I am most at one with.


appArt Easter,  Priorsfield School, Godalming, Sat 30th March - Sat 13th April

Art exhibition and sculpture trail featuring a selection of my charcoal works on paper and metal work sculpture.

Surrey Sculpture Society, Ramster Gardens, Petworth Road, Chiddingfold, GU8 4SN.  3rd May - 2nd June 2024
Featuring my Pear and Poppy Head Seed sculptures.

Atherton Green Art
Summer Exhibition,

1st - 30th June
Farringdon Place, Church Road, Upper Farringdon, GU34 3EH
Featuring my Pear and Poppy Head Seed sculptures.

Leatherhead Art Society, Autumn Exhibition

Surrey Sculpture Society, Landmark Arts Centre, Twickenham
Summer Exhibition, Pashley Manor Gardens, Ticehurst, East Sussex
Surrey Sculpture Society, Standen House & Gardens, East Grinstead, Sussex
Summer Exhibition, Borde Hill Garden, Haywards Heath, Sussex

2016 Chelsea Art Society Annual Open Exhibition

2015 Heatherleys Annual Print Exhibition

 Chelsea Art Society, Heatherleys

 Heatherleys Annual Print Exhibition

Stanley’s story 

Stanley started life as an Xmas card art project at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art.  As an iconic Christmas symbol, I chose a Robin, and produced an acid etched card.  Not particularly original, but nevertheless he was there. 

Each year, and what has become my Xmas tradition, I’ve baked shortbread Xmas biscuits.  I  decided to “dress” them up a bit, so computer graphically interpreted the Robin and produced “swing” tags to package my Xmas biccies.  

Sometime later during the pandemic, and at particularly difficult personal time for me, I revisited the Robin graphic and started playing around with it. Quite simply, it made me laugh.  And I couldn’t stop. And so his character ‘Stanley’ was born.  Dedicated to my wonderful Dad 'Stanley' (who was also cheeky and playful) I have spent endless hours creating all his different characteristics.

I wanted to share his particular brand of joy, cheekiness and fun with everybody and hope he makes you feel the same.  I’ve stuck with the Christmas card themes, but who knows what he will get up to next!

Unleashed Creativity

Stanley might be just a simple computer graphic, but to me he is representative of the most important elements in my life – my home and family, the garden, nature and the outdoors, and all things creative.  He is pivotal to all of them. 

When I’m working with him as part of my Christmas series, I’m reminded of those wonderful summer days in the garden, messing about in the dirt and those cheeky robins who flirt around with you - just waiting for a sneaky worm opportunity.  He will eternally remind me of my lovely Dad and the importance of family.  And he has unleashed my inner creativity, helping me push through the ‘fear barrier’ to just ‘do it’.  And finally, this little fella, well, he just brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh.