My METAL SCULPTURE work comprises unique pieces and a range of decorative garden stakes influenced by my own garden.

Working in mild steel I love nothing more than rescuing discarded and unloved metal items such as old scaffold poles, wheelbarrows, 44 gallon drums and any other metal bits and bobs and turning them into something loved and beautiful.

My GARDEN STAKES make a wonderful addition to your planting scheme. In my own garden I prefer single stakes that can be used either individually for single stemmed growth - Sunflowers, Verbena etc or as a group for tying around larger plants -Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Perovskia etc. They are robust and elegant and look attractive amongst winter foliage adding a sculptural element to the winter garden.

Get in touch to chat about my sculptures. I happily accept commissions and as no two pieces are identical, your sculpture will be individual to you.

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