Preparing for the New Gardening Year

Preparing for the New Gardening Year


In my garden I have quite a few slopes and banks and every year all of my perennials and grasses suffer from the effects of gravity even more than normal.  It was because of this that I started producing my own range of garden stakes.  I didn't want to use normal bamboos or random sticks but something that was more aesthetically pleasing.

Formed from mild steel with decorative finials I have been very pleased with the results of the stakes.  

They are solid, strong and easy to manage.  I also left them in-situ over the winter where they provided a sculptural sense amongst the winter grasses and foliage.

I love them so much I would like to make them for you, for your garden, so have a look at the range.  And if there is anything else you think you need in your garden lets have a chat, as I have also made other types of supports, not yet on the website.

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